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 GamerZ4LiFe Application

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PostSubject: GamerZ4LiFe Application   Fri Aug 13, 2010 2:58 pm

-Game Master Application Format-

Full Name:Ray Roberto Mendoza
TimeZone: Central Time (US&Canada)

End Of Information.

What Can You Do In Game: Play online every day and Try to help keep server safe

How Can You Help People:By giving them any information they may ask me about. I am a really good helper when it comes to questions.

Name Me 5 Gm Commands:
1. /admin_hide
2. /admin_ban <charname>
3. /admin_wall <text>
4. /jjang
5. /removejjang

Can You Manage Events: Sure I have plenty of time on my hands that may seem hard to believe because of how old I am but believe or not I play games a lot!

What's A JJang: It's basically an award you get for winning an event it appears above the characters head.

Name Me 5 Gm Rules:
1. No Hacking
2. No glitching
3. No spamming
4. No misuse of the /gm command
5. No impersonation of ANY staff member

A Player Whispered You And Told You In Room 8 There's A Hacker What Action Will You Use: /admin_hide

End Of Questions.

-True Or False-
To Ban A Player You Use /admin_ban: True
To Give Someone A JJang You Use /givejjang: True
To Disconnect Someone You Use /disconnect [Player]: False
If Someone Insults You Just Ban Him: False
If Someone Keeps Spamming Just Ip Ban Him: False
You Can Ban A Hacker Without Proofs: False

Do You Know You Need To Work Hard: Of course I Also know dude that it's difficult enough already for you(owner) to run a server it's even more difficult to keep track of the players. So I will do my best to be a good, honest, and respectful player and try to make it easier for you to run this server a little more smoother.

And Of Game Master Format.

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GamerZ4LiFe Application
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