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 Verse's Apply.

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PostSubject: Verse's Apply.   Thu Sep 09, 2010 7:45 pm

Full Name: Joe Manson
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Job: Work at ColdStone ( ice cream place )
TimeZone: GMT + 2 ( Pacific )

What Can You Do In Game: Help members , lookout for hackers , swappers , etc. Play while watching if people hack or insult. Go in hide mode if a room looks specious.

How Can You Help People: Ask them questions if they are saying it in lobby ... look up stuff for them if its personal or something everyone wants to know. If someone is bothering them and insulting them whenever they meet eachother I will go in hide mode to see if its true .... or ask he/she to stop.

Name Me 5 Gm Commands: /admin_wall <text> , /admin_ban <players name>/jjang <players name> , /removejjang <players name> , /admin_hide .

Can You Manage Events: Yes I can they are easily done. I know when events end and I know how to make events. I know the events , LMS , H&S , Race , DeathRace , find the med , 1v1 tourney , kill the GM , dodgeball , & bomberman.

What's A JJang: Its a reward from an event ( usually 1pt - 10 coins ) and has a sign on top of the players head and gets some color on their name.

Name Me 5 Gm Rules:
1. No abusing powers.
2. No insulting members even if they insult you.
3. No impersonating another staff.
4. No giving free Event coins or donations to friends or any member.
5. No banning , muting , disconnecting any player for no reason.

A Player Whispered You And Told You In Room 8 There's A Hacker What Action Will You Use: admin_hide

-True Or False-
To Ban A Player You Use /admin_ban: True
To Give Someone A JJang You Use /givejjang: False
To Disconnect Someone You Use /disconnect [Player]: False
If Someone Insults You Just Ban Him: False ( warning )
If Someone Keeps Spamming Just Ip Ban Him: False ( warning )
You Can Ban A Hacker Without Proofs: True ( if seen with my own eye )

Do You Know You Need To Work Hard: Of course I do and 24/7 you must work 110% to be successful at something which I can do for Ultimate GunZ. Working hard makes you good and which can make you a fair , clean GM.

Thanks for reading.
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Verse's Apply.
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