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PostSubject: [GM]Application    Sat Sep 17, 2011 6:53 am

-Game Master Application Format-

Full Name: Gammie gutierrez
Job: im in colleges at course BS IT. bachelor of Infromation technology of computer
TimeZone: GMT-7 hours

End Of Information.

-Questions- i needt become a gm because i protected Ultimate Gunz ^_^
What Can You Do In Game: Play fair. and respect all
How Can You Help People: Reporting at forum and contact me . in my contact list .
Name Me 5 Gm Commands:5 GM commands /admin_haft [Server Shuting Down] /admin_ban [Banplayer] /admin_wall [Messanger to All People] /admin_pingtoall [Setup to Ping people] /jjang -name your give a people jjang
What's A JJang: JJang is for Winning The Event ! ofc
Name Me 5 Gm Rules:
1.Spammer banned !
2.Swapper Banned !
3.Glich Warning Banned !
4.Hacker Banned !
5.insulting GM or People Banned !
A Player Whispered You And Told You In Room 8 There's A Hacker What Action Will You Use: Give Punishment Thats it .

End Of Questions.

-True Or False
To Ban A Player You Use /admin_ban: false
To Give Someone A JJang You Use /givejjang: false
To Disconnect Someone You Use /disconnect [Player]: false
If Someone Insults You Just Ban Him: actually its warning not exactly banned give 3 warning if he re insult again i gonna banned him
If Someone Keeps Spamming Just Ip Ban Him: Warning to if he re spamming im banned him
You Can Ban A Hacker Without Proofs: OFC. we need some proofs if they . hack. or recording .

Do You Know You Need To Work Hard: yes ofc thats its normal for a GM. Or Staff we need HARD TO WORK for this server and to be Grow up.
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